Aiyanar Beach & Dive Resort, Batangas

Eureka! Found another resort just near Manila to unwind and relax. Aiyanar Beach & Dive Resort   is located in Mabini, Batan...

Eureka! Found another resort just near Manila to unwind and relax.

Aiyanar Beach & Dive Resort is located in Mabini, Batangas.  It's just 2-2.5 hours drive from Manila.  You can arrive sooner if there's no traffic in Bauan. But I doubt it.  :P

The resort is apt for both divers and non-divers.  For divers, the resort has its own dive shop and pool to practice diving skills.  While for non-divers, there's a bar, lounge area, infinity pool overlooking the ocean,  and even nipa huts with hammocks.  There's also a grass field where you can play football or if you just want to run around.  :)   For snorkeling enthusiasts like me, there's a reef in front of the resort but it's half-damaged due to the recent typhoons.

The resort is quite pricey though.  We paid P5,750 per person which includes full board meals (lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch), P11,500 for two.  You can book the room without the meals but it's P9,500 per night (for the Deluxe Room).  So it's still much better to avail the accommodation with full board.   Btw, there's cheaper room which is the Casita (P5,250 per person), though it's located at the topmost of the hill. 

View from our balcony:

There were 3 choices for main course, while there's also salad, soup, and dessert.   I wasn't disappointed because the food was actually great!

Overall, I'm very impressed with the resort because of its stylish exterior and room designs.   The service was also great as the staff were very attentive and courteous.  The area is safe because the guard is constantly roaming.   It's also not so crowded even if it's fully-booked. And there's plenty of places to relax. 

Here's the rest of the photos:

Beautiful sunset by the pool

Nipa Hut with built-in hammocks, Reception Area, Hotel Rooms, Restaurant (From Left to Right)

Beach beds

Where is the resort located?
Let Google Maps or Waze guide your way:

Get the Deluxe Room nearest the Reception area because it has the best ocean view and has connection to Wifi.  Our room, #205, doesn't have Wifi.  Casita rooms only have 25% ocean view.  :P  Bring your own snorkeling gears as they're not free (even life jackets!)

Resort's Website:

Good Luck!! :)

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