Fell in Love with Casita Ysabel

I was actually having second thoughts of sharing this B&B resort, Casita Ysabel. I like it so much that I don't want it to be discov...

I was actually having second thoughts of sharing this B&B resort, Casita Ysabel. I like it so much that I don't want it to be discovered and eventually crowd the place. I want it to be my secret destination for a quick getaway. But since the staff/owner have been very kind and hospitable to me, I'm sharing my experience. :)

So the resort is just located in Mabini, Batangas (next to Anilao town proper). It's a 3-hour drive from Manila, but according to the manager, you can reach the resort in 2 hours given that you drive fast at 130kph (LOL!) and leave 6am in morning to skip the traffic in Bauan town.

Here's how to get to the resort (it's from the website).  To be sure, use Google map as navigator/GPS. It works even without the internet, as long as you set it before the trip.

Why I like the resort?

  • It's calm and serene in the area. Good place to relax. 
  • The rooms are comfortable
  • The resort is eco-friendly
  • It's not crowded and the resort is not too big (just right)
  • It has a spa! 
  • They offer lots of activities from hiking, diving, snorkeling, island hopping, sunset cruise, kayaking, and even night exploration at the beach! 
  • The staff is amazing! 
  • Best of all, just in front of the resort, is a marine sanctuary.  I didn't expect that it will be full of life (given that it's in Batangas.  I think any beach/reef close to Manila is damaged already). I was snorkeling in the area just by myself, it was really good! They said, there are several white tip sharks in the area (less than a meter long). They don't bite! I was actually looking forward to see one, but the waves are not stable at that time.  Note: the beach is not for swimming (very rocky), but for snorkeling. Bring your booties (or you can rent at the resort). 

You can check room rates and prices of activities on their website:  http://www.casitaysabel.com/

We stayed at the Deluxe Room. 

Balinese Casita (left), Viewdeck (right).  So chill! 

They don't have a full menu.  They serve full-board meals (P1,200 per person) 

View from the cozy and homey restaurant. 

 The Spa! 

 I enjoyed the sunset too.
 I like this shack.  The boards are for wind surfing. 

I see a lot of review about the snob owner. Well, she owns the place! :) But if you smile at her, she'll smile back at you. The manager (John Javier) and Abby do all the talking and entertaining.  They're very helpful.  Even the dogs are friendly (Waffles and Buttons).  

I'm just very happy for choosing this resort.  It was a good 2 days. I was well-pampered and relaxed.   

I still can't get off my mind the coral reefs I saw that day. Even the sea grass and seaweeds are very green. Hope it will be always be like that because for sure I'm coming back! 

Sharing all these wonderful pictures. 

Enjoy Life! XOXO! :)

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  1. Woah! Very nice place <3 love everything in here. Someday, i hope i can come there too.



    1. Hi Kristin, yes, it's very nice! In groupon, sometimes they publish promo rates of P3500 a night (for 2 pax). im also waiting for it. XO!