Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

The city of smiles.  The city of the sweetest accent.  The city of Inasal.  The city of mestizos and  mestizas.  Yup, only in Bacolod City...

The city of smiles.  The city of the sweetest accent.  The city of Inasal.  The city of mestizos and mestizas.  Yup, only in Bacolod City.

According to Wiki,  the reason why the city was called City of Smiles is that its people hid their worries, fear and doubt in an economic crisis in the sugar industry in the earlier times and till now they still try their best to put up their smiles.

Bacolod is also known for their festival called "Masskara Festival" that is being held every 3rd of October.  Masskara means multitude of faces.  It's sort of like a street dance carnival festival plus a lot of booze.  I heard it's pretty wild. ;)

We had a couple of hours in Bacolod before we head to Manila.  Top places to visit if you have around 5 hours: Ruins and Manokan Country. 


From Punta Bulata, we rented a van that costs around P4000.  We asked the driver to drop us off at Ruins and Manokan Country. He has asked us for another P1,000 (P500 more for each additional destination).  It's pretty decent since we don't really like hassle... so we agreed.  

Ruins - the former mansion of Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson built in memory of his beloved wife Maria Braga, who died giving birth to their youngest child.  They said it's best to go around sunset because of its dramatic lights (sorry for us, we cannot afford it because our flight is at 7pm.)  

Inside, surprisingly, there is a restaurant that offers Mediterranean cuisine and cold drinks from their mini bar. It's pretty cozy.  We spent around 10 mins to see the whole place and went off.  (Yup, you don't need much time).  

Btw, there are no taxis outside waiting in line.  Best to arrange a cab or tricycle to pick you up and drop you off. 

Manokan Country

First, set your expectations. It's not a high-to-medium class restaurant.  It's more of a carinderia or a local eatery. I thought it would be at least airconditioned, but nope.  I thought it would be just a single resto, but nope. :)

The place has multiple small restaurants in one place offering same food/menu but  distinct Chicken Inasal flavors.  Man, they have the tastiest and cheapest chicken inasal and fried rice ever.  Unforgettable!  

 "Inasal" means roasted.  Chicken Inasal is not only popular in Bacolod but in the whole Philippines (now, I'm really really  hungry!).  So here are some pics of what to expect and food prices. 


Happy me and happy tummy! Eating authentic chicken inasal - that's a check on my bucket list! :)

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