My first ever summit! Mt. Pico de Loro Hike.

I was invited by a friend to hike Mt Pico de Loro .  She said we'll be joining a mountaineering group - Trail Adventours (website:  htt...

I was invited by a friend to hike Mt Pico de Loro.  She said we'll be joining a mountaineering group - Trail Adventours (website:  Since I haven't reached any summit yet (and that I've always wanted to cross it out on my bucket list), I signed up for the day hike.  I was also eager to try a new adventure and to meet new peeps with a different passion - particularly mountain climbing.  Sharing experiences is good for the soul. :)

[We paid P1,500 including the transfers and guide.]

...So I asked around what to bring and wear (outfit is still a priority!), did some grocery shopping, borrowed a day-hiking backpack (I only have Jansport), and bought a hat, arm shield, and even leggings.  It's been week preparation for me, a first timer.  Yup, for adventure trips I do a lot of preparations. I'm a nerd with this stuff.

We met at McDonalds Ortigas around 3am.  Since I work late shift, I didn't get any sleep at all.  So, climbing without sleeping!  That's something! I was pretty scared actually because I might fall off a cliff or something.  I usually lose my balance whenever I lack sleep.

During the hike, there were times that I felt that I was going to die because I was very helpless (no kidding!).  But you know, instinct, presence of mind, and common sense just kick in.  And I love that feeling!  That feeling of risk, danger, and figuring out what to do in order to save your own life! CRAZY!!

Anyway, I made it to the top. It was a great feeling! Although I am F! tired.

The guides are very helpful.  They even carried my bag for the difficult assaults. (Btw, I found this climb speak site. There are many words I couldn't understand during the hike.  Might be helpful for first timers

Overall, this trip has made me realize how lucky I am to have two feet to conquer heights and beyond.  Thank you God for these gifts! The world is mine. 

Pictures of course. :)  I only brought my Iphone and Lumix TS4 underwater cam.

I wanted to swim after the hike.  That beach cove was tempting!

The very steep assaults.  We didn't use a rope going up.   We were only holding on to the grass. Thank you grass! 

FREEDOM! I shouted.


My adventure buddy - Becky!

I will see you next Mt. Pulag! 

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