Daraitan, Rizal

So this came up for discussion today!  Time for a throwback post.  I've been to Daraitan last 2010.  I'd say it's one ...

So this came up for discussion today!  Time for a throwback post. 

I've been to Daraitan last 2010.  I'd say it's one of the most beautiful and serene places I've been to, but also the hardest to trek (well actually, it's mostly cliff/wall climbing).   It was my first time to rock climb without a harness! I had 50/50 chance of surviving!!!! Thank God I'm still alive!!! 

I revived the pictures from my old laptop.  The pics reminded me of how simple life can be.   I almost forgot this place, but when I looked at the pictures, it suddenly brought back the sweet memories. 

I remember all the locals who helped us to get to our destination.  I remember all the stories they've shared with us.   I remember all those smiles which are very welcoming and comforting.

I can't tell you how to get here - but see this map to get an idea.  http://goo.gl/maps/ZpPMV

And here's the story...

First stop: Daranak Falls.  Since it's along the way, we stopped by Daranak (although it wasn't really in our itinerary).  We just saw the sign and checked it out.   

Breathtaking huh?  I love its blue green color.

Filipinos are business-minded.  Floaters for rent.  Although it's totally an eyesore! 

I actually hate heights.  But I jumped off the cliff.  IT FELT GOOD!

Stopover.  We talked to these two old guys.  Looks like they're friends for a long time.

You have to pay when you cross the bridge. 

Mini huts


Dog taking a bath 

Our last stop before we headed to our final destination.

Illegal logging is still rampant in this area.

Boulders and boulders

The river is sooooo clean and green. Something that you don't see everyday. 


So this is where we have set up our tent.  

The view is breathtaking.  It's so quiet and peaceful.  Although at night, I can hear the rocks shaking.  It's scary. 

The river is actually deep.  And we crossed it by swimming in to get to the other side where the campsite is.  So how bout our bags?  They were covered by a garbage bag and we let them float.  It's pitch dark that time and the only light we had was the moon.   The river had current - I was really scared.  

Morning came.  And I was surprised by the view.  It was all worth it.

In the morning, we decided to explore the caves.  We didn't bring any food or water.  We thought it's going to be a short hike.  But hell NO!! There was a time that I had no choice but to drink the water in the river.  I've probably drunk a liter.  I was also hungry that I almost ate myself.  

But indeed, the water is clean.  No tummy aches afterwards. 

This kid showed us the way to the cave without even asking for anything in return. THANK YOU! 

And for that, we hang loose. :)


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