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Around October of last year, I had the most incredible adventure of my life.  I had to work in Poland for 5 weeks and conquer the rest of...

Around October of last year, I had the most incredible adventure of my life. 
I had to work in Poland for 5 weeks and conquer the rest of Europe in two weeks time. 

It was autumn at that time, going to winter.  Trees started to change their colors, temperature starts to drop, it's semi-perfect time to travel.

At first, I had some doubts travelling - because I'm Asian - I'm 'lil bit shy and scared of tall people, racist, and all.  But it was not that bad.  Europeans are actually friendly and helpful.

I planned the trip by myself (accompanied/helped by a colleague) - booked the tickets, searched for hotels, decided whether to take a train or plane, checked schedules, read blogs on what-to-dos, etc.   In total, I had been to 7 European countries (including Vatican as an independent country)  and 12 cities.  Yup, there's a lot of planning.  

While writing this post, good memories flashed back.  Those times that we run in the train stations because the trains leave at the exact time as scheduled, times that we look for the train station number (yup, similar to connecting flights, trains also have connecting trips.  And sometimes, the intervals are just for 10 minutes.  So just imagine the running, panicking, and crazy lifting of our bags), and times that made me fall so deeply in love with Europe.  It's just the best time of my life.  

We didn't travel as backpackers.  In fact, since we stayed for 2 months time, I had 20 kgs baggage, laptop backpack, and 1 shoulder bag for my camera, wallet, passport and stuff.  IT WAS NOT EASY!  

I will be writing more about the countries and cities in my next posts.  But let me start first with our itinerary.

From Manila flew to Hong Kong to Frankfurt to Gdynia, Poland - spent 5 weeks 
From Poland flew to Frankfurt - spent 3 days
From Frankfurt took a train to Berlin - spent overnight
From Berlin took a train back to Frankfurt 
From Frankfurt took a a train to Amsterdam - spent 3 days
From Amsterdam took a train to Paris - spent 3 days (passed by Belgium)
From Paris flew to Venice - spent 3 days
From Venice took a boat/train to Verona - day trip
From Venice flew to Rome -spent 3 days
From Rome to Manila

We missed the other countries because obviously, cost of living in Europe is very very expensive, as well as the trains and airfare!  Given another chance, I will definitely travel to Prague, Vienna, and Spain (Barcelona, Portugal, and Ibiza) :D

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  1. oh poor you! had to work in poland :) next time try to go east(belarus, ukraine, estonia, maybe russia?), its way cheaper! :D

    1. Dear Misiu, Thank you for your comment. It's unnecessary btw. :D

      Well, I really enjoyed my Poland visit, especially those drunken days with Ginger. It was work (cruel time) + pleasure at the same time.

      Yup, I'm very excited to visit the countries you mentioned above. Sounds very fun! Some of them, I've never heard of. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your suggestions!!!!

      Missing you (why didn't you come, you bastard),

    2. you know why i didnt come? bcs I HAVE TO work in poland :D

      waiting for your next posts on eurotrip!

    3. Wyślemy wam pocztówkę z Boracay :D