A different adventure in El Nido

Well, it's our 3rd day in El Nido. We're supposed to go scuba diving, but we met this local and he was telling us about Nacpan.  H...

Well, it's our 3rd day in El Nido. We're supposed to go scuba diving, but we met this local and he was telling us about Nacpan.  He described it as the "best beach" in town and it's close by.  So we decided to drop the diving. (El Nido is also not famous for diving.)

I don't really follow strict itinerary. Sometimes, I just plan the whole trip on the same day. You don't know what you'll get until you've arrived and see it for yourself, right? :)

So we asked the same tour agency if they can hook us up with the Nacpan tour. They said they have a tour including Nacpan Beach, Nagkalit-Kalit Falls, and Makinit hot spring. Package is P1,500 for the tricycle and tour guide who's also our driver. :) 

I asked several tour guides if we can go by scooter instead, and all of them said it's going to be a difficult trail. I SHOULDN'T HAVE BELIEVED THEM! Really, after our trip, I was really sad because I know we can go by scooter. Anyway, if you know how to drive one, you should just get there by motorbike as it's more thrilling! It's only P700 bucks for the whole day rent.   Difficult part is that there are not much signs. Yes, it's very easy to get lost. But that's part of the adventure right?  

First Stop. Nagkalit-kalit falls.

It's about 15-20 mins tricycle ride, and 45 mins trek. What i like about this trek is that there are various terrains. There are streams, grass land, hills, etc. 

There are 5 falls in the area but we only went to two. It was kinda hard to trek the 2nd one because it requires wall climbing in 90 degrees assault, without a harness.  Many tourists don't go for the 2nd trek anymore, the guide said. But again, I like challenges. :)

There's not much water coming down because it's summer time. 

2nd Stop - Nacpan Beach
(30 mins ride from Nagkalit-kalit)

The second best beach I've been to. REALLY! I fell in love with this place. If I can only stay longer. 

It's not crowded, it's clean, it's absolutely lovely. 

 There are actually small huts in the area where can buy lunch, beer, coconut, and many more. Prices below.  We brought our own cooler and beer though, which is nicer because we have colder beers. :) 
It's better to be prepared you know. 

I am sharing a lot photos in this blog because Nacpan beach needs more exposure to the world. 

There are only few tourists around and 90% are foreigners.  And most of them went to this place by motorbikes. Cool! 

So there's also a little bit of hiking on top of the hill to see the view of the island.  

Since I really really really want to ride a motorcycle that day, we rented one for 2 hours. We went to Las Cabanas beach.  It's only a 2-km ride from the town.   Locals said it's the best spot for sunset watching.  True enough! 

The adventure is not yet over!  (I hope you are not yet tired)

Because I rented a paddle board for hundred bucks.  I watched the sunset on my board. It's was just great and so peaceful. 

So there! I hope you also had fun reading my last post about the enchanting El Nido. 

Please come and visit this exotic place. You will find yourself in an entirely different world. :) 


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  1. I saw your link from Lakadpilipinas and I'm having fun while reading through your entries! Ü

    1. thank you kate! im glad you had fun. hehe. :)