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Travel Dates - October 2-6, 2013 Season: Semi-Autumn I've been traveling around the Philippines for a while.  I missed traveling a...

Travel Dates - October 2-6, 2013
Season: Semi-Autumn

I've been traveling around the Philippines for a while.  I missed traveling abroad so I booked a flight to South Korea.  I was too busy with school and work that I didn't prepare much about this trip.  So we came without an itinerary.

First things first! Booking a hotel.

I asked around where to stay and majority said Myeong-dong is the best area to stay as it is close to the tourist spots, shopping area (it is the main shopping area!), restaurants, bars (of course), and it's very accessible by public transportation.  True enough!!

Well, because I'm choosy about the place where I'm sleeping, I booked at a hotel -- J-Hill Hotel.  We spent P4,500 a night for a standard room.

It's not so fancy and we got what we paid for - small but clean room, white bed sheets (a must!), decent bathroom, and of course its location (close to two subway lines)! It comes with a buffet breakfast too.  It's in a busy street but I didn't find it noisy or disturbing.  It's perfect and easy to find from the airport.  You will find more reviews and pictures here - Tripadvisor - J-Hill

How to survive without an itinerary in Seoul?  GET A MAP.  It's free in the hotel.  There are tourist info desks also in Myeong-dong where you can get more city maps.

Day 1 

We arrived around 10pm so we got nowhere to go.  We just tried a chicken and beer pub.  There's a strip in Myeong-dong for these pubs. 

This is Myeong-dong!

Day 2 - Palace Hopping

There are several palaces to visit in Seoul.  

 Some guards are snob, some are not.  

I love their colorful costumes! 

Lots of tourists from all over the world! But mostly, Asians too. 

 I think I was the only one who had been here. I don't know the name of this place (sorry for not being helpful!) 

More palaces

 Going inside...

Finding Bukchon Hanok Village

These old houses are a must-see.

It's easy to go around Seoul. Signs here and there. 

Day 3 

World Cup Stadium

Very few tourists come here. And I like it very much! 

Lotte World 

Don't waste your money in this very old theme park.  NOT WORTH IT! 

Day 4 

City Hall 

There's a palace in front of it too.

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul

It's free to get inside. 

Seoul Aquarium

We thought there's a whale shark (based on the internet pictures), but there was none! DAMN!

But the piranhas and jelly fishes were interesting to see. 

Nightlife in Seoul 

The famous HONGDAE!!
Hangout place of university students in Seoul.

 So many clubs, restos, bars, street food, cocktails, and drunken Koreans! 

 Indie stuff

Rice wine and seafood pancake.  I love them so much!!! 

When I went home, I was walking around in the hotel just wearing a towel.  If you can just imagine what happened that night! :P

Day 5 - last day 

Seoul Tower

It's best to go at night to see the city lights. 

View of Seoul.  We didn't go to the observatory.  There's nothing much too see (well, according to a friend) 

Lots and lots of locks.  

Wrap up.

It was a good 5 days in Seoul. I enjoyed the korean bbq, korean chicken, the friendly, non-discriminating and gentle koreans, the sophisticated subways, and well-organized bus routes.

Seoul is a very tourist-friendly and very safe city.  Not much of pick-pockets and rip-offs.

I love the Korean's love for alcohol and Soju.  :) They drink so much and eat lots of spicy food.  Everything is spicy! 

Of course, I'm a big fan of their fashion and style.  Those colorful socks and cool sneakers.  Everyone wears them! Those skinny tight jeans worn by guys...  :)

It's great to know and observe them for just a short period of time.  Perceptions really change once you've gone to a country and experience their lifestyle and culture. 

Thank you Korea for such a nice stay! 

Btw, Visa is free for Philippine passport holders. :)
Requirements here:  Korea Embassy - Requirements

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