Where to stay in Coron?

Travel Date: June 22-25, 2013.   I booked my airplane tickets several months back.  The drawback of booking early (but cheaper) is th...

Travel Date: June 22-25, 2013.  

I booked my airplane tickets several months back.  The drawback of booking early (but cheaper) is that there's a 50/50 chance that your trip will push through.  I booked the tickets for June and it's the start of the rainy season in the Philippines. Coron is all about island hopping and diving and Rain + wind are not good when your traveling by boat.

A week before our flight, I searched for hotels and their reviews (while also checking weather websites to check rain chances plus also praying for the sun to come out and for the clouds to shoo away).

I was looking for a hotel which is somehow new (cleanliness guaranteed), room with a comfy bed with white sheets that have at least 350 thread count (LOL), hotel with a swimming pool & a bar (just in case we won't be able to tour around because of bad weather) and a price that is just right.

Here are the shortlisted hotels (maestro, drum roll please):

2. Coron Westown Resort  (far from the town)
3. Coron Eco Lodge (no swimming pool) 

They're all new hotels in Coron town.  I was torn between Corto Del Mar and Coron Westown.
Well, luckily, I made the right choice (thank you my guardian angel, if ever I have one).  I booked at Corto Del Mar.  

The location is just right as it's near the Coron center (going around by tricycle is just P10). Our room's very clean and pleasant except for the shanty balcony view (although I expected it already after reading the reviews).

The interior of the hotels is intricate, artsy but still homey - love the wood carvings and the mural made of tiles. The structure of the hotel is Mediterranean and very unique (I haven't seen similar here in the Philippines).  The staff and the owner are very helpful and friendly.  The owner is french but he speaks good Tagalog, don't be surprised. I warned you! :)

The restaurant is close to fine dining.  We ate at the hotel every night.  Food is okay and clean.  (I tried the food outside the hotel for lunch and didn't really like it.).  The bar list is superb!

Some cons - Wifi is bad.  Pizza is not really good (They self-proclaimed that it's the best).  

Btw, it's much cheaper if you book at Booking.Com.  We booked a superior room priced P5,500 at Corto, but only P4,675 at Booking.com (daily breakfast and transfers included).  Booking.com though has cancellation rules + fees.  I asked the hotel what if my flight got cancelled (as there's currently a storm), they said call them immediately for free cancellation. That's something! 

Their tour rates are kinda expensive compared to the ones offered outside.   It's okay to book outside (except for diving).  I will share more details about their in-house diving shop in my next blog post.

 After going around the town, I can say that Corto del Mar is the best one to stay in.  Believe me.  :)

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