Island Hopping in Coron, Palawan

I planned our trip for four days so at least we can go island hopping for 2 whole days.  The earliest flight going to Coron (Busuanga air...

I planned our trip for four days so at least we can go island hopping for 2 whole days.  The earliest flight going to Coron (Busuanga airport) arrives at 9am-ish.  It takes 30 to 45 mins to go to the main town (where the hotels are).  It will be around 10-11am before you reach your hotel.  It's too late for Island hopping as it usually starts at 9am.

Traveling in Coron is easy. No need to book at travel agencies.  


Day 1 - You can explore the town, or hike Mt. Tapyas and check out the view deck, or try the zip line, or  go skinny dipping in Maquinit salt water hot springs ;).   No need to book anything early, just look for a tricycle to take you to these places.   Coron locals are very  hospitable and friendly.  I didn't find anyone who had intentions to rip off.  I AM SO GLAD!

Day 2 - Coron Island Tour.  Look for a travel agency in Coron town (they're everywhere, but just in case, you might wanna try the agency where we booked, here's the link:  Nice Paradise Tours. We only paid P650 for the whole day tour including lunch, water, tour guide (except for the mask and snorkel)  CHEAP!

Day 3 - Go for the other Island Tours or Scuba Diving or try  Fun Dive (which we did).  Important: Other island hopping tours are only available if you met the minimum number of persons traveling. Otherwise, NO TOUR!   If you have extra bucks, you can hire a private boat (it's around P4,000-P5,000).

Fun Dive details here Scuba Diving in Coron

Day 4 - Bye Coron, Buy Souvenirs

There are 6 destinations included in the Coron Island Tour (Destinations may vary depending on the travel agency or sometimes the weather)
  1. Kayangan Lakecleanest inland body of water in the Philippines. I love diving in this lake because it has brackish water. If I remember it correctly, it's 70% fresh water, and 30% salt water.  Since, I'm less buoyant in fresh water, it's easier to skin dive to explore the lime stone formation under water.  
  2. Twin Peak ReefJelly fish alert!
  3. Banol Beach - Lunch
  4. Barracuda Lake - Go skin diving or snorkeling! Great  lime stone formation under water.  If you're lucky, you can spot a Barracuda. Yup, it's known for Barracuda sightings. :)  
  5. CYC Beach - Skip it! This place is too crowded because there's no entrance fee. 
  6. Balinsasayaw Floating House - This is my favorite spot. The corals are very much alive. The resort has an exclusive tie up with our travel agency (as the owner is related to the resort's owner and all that crap)

This was at Kayangan Lake 

View Deck before reaching Kayangan Lake

Our co-touristas! 

Diving Barracuda Lake & Kayangan Lake

Coral Reefs at Balinsasayan Floating House

Palawan is my #1 favorite destination in the Philippines. 
It's rich in natural resources and culture.  Best of all,  its people are warm, hospitable, good-natured and friendly.


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