Club Serena Resort, Moalboal, Cebu

It's my fourth time in Cebu and my trips to this island are just getting better and better. This time, I've traveled further do...

It's my fourth time in Cebu and my
trips to this island are just getting better and better. This time, I've traveled further down south of Cebu Island, in Moalboal.

Drew Arellano started this hype of canyoneering /canyoning in Moalboal. His show attracted so many adventurers who dared to conquer their fear of heights or just got curious of the sport. Drew even named his segment as his "Best Trip Ever". The trip was packed with adventures - from scuba and free diving (sardines run!), canyoneering, trailing/motor biking, hiking, and dolphin watching.

We basically copied his itinerary, stayed at the same resort and booked at the same canyoneering/diving shop - Philippine Aquaholics Divers which is also located at the resort. Needless to say, our trip was hassle free.

Well, before I booked our tours, I also researched for other agencies. But I found Aquaholic as the best one in terms of quality of equipments, service, arrangements and lunch.

Here are the details of our trip:

How to get to Moalboal?

By commute: From Cebu Mactan Airport, take a 20 minute aiport taxi to the Cebu City South Bus Terminal.  Look for Ceres bus bound for South Cebu or the Librando Bus going to Badian.  When you reach the Moalboal bus stop, take a local tricycle to the resort.  The trip takes 2-3 hours.

By Private Van/Car:  You can arrange a car/van pick-up from the airport to the resort.  It's P6,720 roundtrip.   However, it's cheaper if you book outside.  I booked at Safe Ride Car Rental for a sedan and the one-way trip cost was P2,500.  It's also cheaper compared to Airport Taxis. 

Where to stay in Moalboal? 

One of the best resorts, highly rated but mid-range resort in Moalboal, Club Serena

There are various rooms to choose from - modern rooms, suites, and cottages.  We stayed at a more laid back setting - at the tree houses (I think the tree houses get booked easily too based on the reviews on tripadvisor).  Well, it didn't disappoint.  We thought that it's just going to be a room, but it was a house and it has 3 day beds at each corner of the house.  Super love the setting!

The rate of the tree house per night is P4,032 including taxes.  Other rooms rates are on Club Serena Website.
The room is pretty basic but it's clean. 

Our tree house is surrounded by trees.  I find this place really peaceful and it's a great place to chill and relax.  

 You can order your meals and drinks and have them delivered to your room.  It's about 50 meters walk from the tree house to the restaurant. 
 Beachfront.  There's also a diving spot in front of the resort.  The current is quite strong during the afternoon. 
 Some resorts don't have a white sand beach front.  
 Lounge, Lounge, Lounge. So many lounge areas. 
Yeah, that's a queen sized bed where you can sleep or just enjoy the view 
More choices :) 
Lovely beach setting
There are two pools at the resort
Restaurant - Must try: Spanish Chorizo for breakfast! 
I guess this is where the bride & the groom sit.  But you can freely use it too for a different dining experience :P 

Traveling with cuz! 
 It's really fun to be here! #Moalboal

 Up Next! Our adventures in Moalboal, Cebu. 

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