Mt Gulugod Baboy

Mt Gulugod Baboy is located in Anilao , Batangas .  "Gulugod Baboy" in english means Pig's back/spine. It was named after th...

Mt Gulugod Baboy is located in Anilao, Batangas.  "Gulugod Baboy" in english means Pig's back/spine. It was named after that because of its shape and resemblance.  

I booked the hiking tour at Casita Ysabel.  It was P850 per person including a tour guide. 

We left the resort at 8.30am.  From the resort to the jump-off point, it just took us 15 minutes tricycle ride.  

We rented a tricycle (for P600 bucks) because the roads were too narrow and steep to drive.  (We want to go home with our car. LOL!) And from the point, the hike is just less than an hour.  It was an easy climb.  

Our guide said there are 3 peaks.  They are Gulugod Baboy (Peak 1), Gitna (Peak 2), and Pinagbanderahan (Peak 3).  We were at the smallest mountain (or should i say hill?) :) 

I just realised that the best time to go is during sunrise or sunset.  It must have been extra awesome.  But still, the view is already awesome.  LOOK! 

 Below, you can find a water tank that supplies the nearby barangay.
Oh, btw, don't wear shorts. The grass is tall & sharp. Wrong move.  

 This is not the first time that I saw a carabao on a peak.  I really don't know how they climb up the mountain!! Weird! 

Philippines has 7,107 islands.  It's really really nice to see the islands and islets on a highland. It's so unique. 

I don't know how to end this post.  All i can say is:

Climb mountains while you still can, conquer your fears. It's a different sense of achievement. :) 


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