Danjugan Island, Negros Occidental

Day 2 in Negros Occidental Philippines has 7,107 islands to explore.    Each island is unique  in its very own way. Let'...

Day 2 in Negros Occidental

Philippines has 7,107 islands to explore.   Each island is unique in its very own way.

Let's see what Danjuagan Island has to offer.

Just a short description.  Danjuagan Island is a 43-hectare island wild sanctuary.  It's rich in marine and terrestrial biodiversity.   

The island is a playground for nature adventurers.
Activities include scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, forest treks and bird watching.

The island has five lagoons, mangrove forest, a bat cave, rain forests, coral reefs.

There's also a learning center in the island where kids/teens can camp and appreciate mother nature.  

They are taught of the importance of conservation and biodiversity.  It aims to raise the youth's environmental awareness and develop them to become advocates for the environment. 

Bat cave! I've never seen a bat cave like this! Big WOW to the number of bats and how huge the cave is.

Breathtaking lagoon. 

 The water is very calm and it perfectly mirrors the trees.  
 The lagoon is surrounded by mangroves. 
 Everything is green and relaxing. 

House made of mud.  Reminds me of the Flintstones' house. 

Wild Tabon bird.  It's called "Tabon" because it leaves and hides its eggs in the loose sand.  

Turtle Beach.

The guide said there are sightings of sea turtles in this area.  Sea turtles lay their eggs only  on fine sand.  Although at this time, the beach has so many rubles. 

Sunset deck where you can relax and have your lunch

The coral reefs are far away from the shore.  I didn't go far so I didn't see anything except for the one single giant clam.  I had so much regrets! :(

We've arranged our tour with Punta Bulata.  You just need to inform them at least 2 days before. You can go for overnight, but we opted for the day tour.

DAY STAY - Price: Php 1,750 per person
• Morning and afternoon snacks. Lunch.
• Boat transfers. From the mainland (Bulata) to the island and back
• Trekking & Snorkeling Guide.
• Unlimited use of kayak. First come, first serve basis.  (We only saw 4 kayaks)
• Conservation Fee. Each guest contributes to the management and protection of the marine reserves and sanctuaries.

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