Palm Beach Resort, San Juan Batangas

It's a 4-day long weekend (Aug 18 to 21, 2012), but we only had Mon-Tues as free days.  Well, for 2 days time, the most practical places...

It's a 4-day long weekend (Aug 18 to 21, 2012), but we only had Mon-Tues as free days.  Well, for 2 days time, the most practical places to go outside Manila are Tagaytay and Batangas.  I looked up at Agoda and search for hotels which still have rooms for these days.  Luckily the resort that I've been eyeing for still has rooms to offer, even the day itself.   So here we go!   Road trip to San Juan!!

The resort is a 2.5 hours drive from Manila, plus 30 mins for grocery shopping.  Grocery is a must because the resort is away from the the Laiya mainstream stretch. The roads going to Bo. Laiya are same as going to Bo. Hugom (where the resort is) - just follow the signs.

The deluxe room (cheapest) costs P4,100.  It's actually good for 4 persons - 2 queen sized beds, plus a day bed.  The food is P1,400 per person including all meals - lunch, merienda, dinner and breakfast.  There is no other menu, so bring in chips and pika pika if you always get hungry like me.  You can buy beer from the resto until 9pm for P65 each, they'll provide a cooler along with it. (we had to ask! :)) or better bring your own like we did. :)

What I like and not
Likes - the rooms are clean and new, quiet - no videoke echoing, snorkeling was fun - the corals are alive, food is good, love our balcony, and you can pay by credit card
Dislikes - not much of a friendly resort, they don't carry your bags and staff don't smile often.
Super dislike - kids screaming while your relaxing

So here are the pics taken by my ever reliable Olympus point and shoot underwater cam. Enjoy! :)

The sands are not so-powdery white. Don't expect too much

Merienda served

Chill by the beach

Beach huts


The water is clear during low tide

Mini hundred islands

 Beautiful coral (singular)

playing with my flippers. i can swim with no hands. lol

and blue goggles

blue blue blue..


finally SUN!!

waiting for lunch

Private beach house.  I WANT!

Playground for the kids


bye bye!!

I decided to create a video clip for my underwater adventure. My first ever! I hope it's not too bad. :)

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  1. Really,Palm Beach Resorts have clean and well decorated rooms. You have expressed some dislike but Palm Beach Florida Resorts are provide good quality of food and other facilities are so interesting.

  2. How was the road going to the resort, was it paved or still rough road? Will be visiting palm beach this weekend and was wondering if a sub compact car can handle the road near palm beach.

    1. hi! sorry too late when i saw your comment! hope you found your way without much trouble! :)

  3. Hi Chichi, do they have a safe parking space for the guest.. I appreciate your response. Thanks